General information

General information

Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency (Agencja Rozwoju Aglomeracji Wrocławskiej ARAW) is a public non-profit company wholly owned by the Communes, of the seed capital of PLN 26 M. There are 30 shareholders altogether – local governments of Wrocław agglomeration. The executive authority consists of 2-person Management Board. All the activities of the Company are supervised by the 3-person Supervisory Board.

ARAW consists of the following departments:

  • Business Support Centre – responsible for economic promotion of the region as well as attracting foreign direct investments,
  • Centre for Promotion & Services – responsible for projects related to promotion, development of the local governments and EU funds,
  • Editorial Office – creating the official website of the city of Wroclaw and dedicated portals,
  • Administrative & Secretarial Office – responsible for finance, administration and legal services of the company.

Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency

Agencja Rozwoju Aglomeracji Wrocławskiej SA

pl. Solny 14

50-062 Wroclaw, Poland

NIP 897 171 03 46

Regon: 020204230

Sąd Rejonowy dla Wrocławia-Fabrycznej VI Wydział Gospodarczy

KRS 0000248319

Seed capital: PLN 27 190 990,00